Tokyo Restaurant

Food adventure awaits! Endless number of delicious sushi restaurants, family restaurants and izakaya to dine at.

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Food Travel

Get out of the city and head to the countryside. Fresh air, food and beautiful scenery. Go for a little drive and discover Japan.

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The shopping mecca! From luxury goods to appliances. Find your perfect gift for someone special. Thousands of shopping neighbourhood to check out

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Cheap Eats

Save a bit just to spend and eat more. Get a meal for '1 coin' (500 yen) or have a course for under 1000 yen

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Japan has one of the fluffiest bread I've ever had.  Try out its sweet and savoury breads from croquette buns to melon pan.

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Give in to your inner fat self and munch away on those snacks! Try out all the funky flavors and indulge in some wagashi too!

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Welcome to my blog of nonsense. Here you will find all kinds of posts from daily lifestyle and things that I like about my country, Japan.

I am a huge foodie, so most of my posts are about food. I love discovering hidden gems whether its a shopping district or restaurant. I constantly search for trending diet and food that are popular in Japan and share my thoughts about it here.

I love to travel, especially road trips!! I've been to many parts of Japan and hope to share these experience in the near future.


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