Motenashi Kuroki // 饗くろ喜

Some say its the best ramen in Tokyo and won its bowl to many hearts that crave for its handmade noodles that comes in two forms: thin or flat.

Expect long queue especially on Fridays when the restaurant changes its name from Motenashi Kuroki to Murasaki Kuroki, replacing its regular salt based buckwheat noodles to its special duck soba noodles // 鴨そば (kamo soba).

      A queue can go up to an hour! <<(O_O;)

Like any other ramen restaurant you will need to pay your meal first via ticket machine, which is written in both Japanese and English. Heads up, special duck noodles // 鴨そば醤油専門 available on Fridays only.

maxticket copy

Open kitchen concept with L-shaped counter seats and one table of 4 at the back.


Service was alright, I eat slow so it was nice that I didn’t feel rushed or pressured to eat faster. Sit, relax and hunch over that ramen bowl guys!

                Special Salt Ramen //特性塩そば 1250 yen

The broth is made from chicken, pork and seafood essence as well as 6 different salts. The bowl came with 2 different types of char siew: thinly sliced rare pork and olive + tomato wrapped in chicken. Both of the char siew was super tasty and was rather surprised how well the chicken roll went with the dish. The egg was more cooked than usual, with a crumbly egg yolk…definitely would had preferred onsen style egg more. Wantons, bamboo shoots, negi (Japanese leek) and spring onion definitely helped heighten the light broth.

The noodles was delicious! Elastic and bouncy but yet the slight rough texture of the buckwheat was spellbinding.

Although the salt based ramen is its star dish I was rather disappointed by its soup which I felt was too bland and if it wasn’t for the toppings it would had been an insipid ramen…..WHERES THE UMAMI?


Personally the star of this dish was the bamboo shoots (#amItoohealthy?)  Seriously, after I ate 1 of the bamboo shoot…I ended up just digging up the bowl seeking more.

           Clam Miso Ramen //あさり味噌そば 1000 yen

Clam with miso based soba was a complete opposite from the first ramen. Packed a punch to its flavor. Served with thick noodles that coated the rich flavor of the broth just nicely.

Although the bowl glistened from its oil the clams harmonized the richness of the soup and interestingly enough the end note of each bite was rather refreshing that my chopsticks was stuck on auto pilot (SLURP SLURP).

Delicious bowl of ramen and in a perfect world a dish I would like to eat on a rainy cold day to warm up my belly.

Gochisosama( ´З`)=3

⋇ TLDR ⋇
Popular ramen restaurant near Akihabara that draws in many ramen otaku. Its star dish salt based ramen was too light for my liking and recommend people to go for its miso base, especially if you like thick broth. Highlight of this place was its noodles, where it uses buckwheat and you can request your ramen with either think or flat noodles. However, this place was not worth the price, a bowl goes for 900-1250 yen (9-12 USD).

Ambiance 3/5
Service 3/5
Food 3/5
Value for money 2/5
Oishii Rating ❀❀❀


Motenashi Kuroki // 饗くろ喜

Tel. 03-3863-7117
❈ No Reservation ❈

Opening Hours
» 11:30 ~ 15:00  Mon-Thurs & Sat
» 18:00~ 21:00 Mon, Tues, Thurs, Sat
<Closed>  Wednesday night, Sunday and public holidays

2-15 Kanda Izumichou, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
≛ 東京都 千代田区 神田和泉町 2-15 四連ビル3号館 1F ≛

7 mins walk from JR Sobu Line Asakusabashi Station, west exit  or  15 mins walk from Akihabara Station

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