Usagiya // うさぎ家

Usagiya was established in 1940 and well-known for its dorayaki in Tokyo. Top ranked and recommended by many locals, this is a place you should not miss.

Dorayaki is the perfect snack to have when you’re in Japan. It’s sweet, soft and can get addictive. If you love pancakes, you will definitely love this! To put it simply, its azuki red bean paste sandwiched by honey flavored pancakes

Dorayaki // どら焼き 205 yen

By far the best dorayaki I had in Tokyo! The store itself was small and packed with people, but with over 7 staffs assisting at the front, I didn’t have to wait long to get my dorayaki.

By far the best dorayaki I had! I went there just as it opened to get the freshly made batch. The dorayaki was still warm and the pancake was fluffy as ever. The aroma of the honey and the texture of the red beans was divine. This store uses tsubuan only (chunky red beans) which gave a nice mouthfeel.

The perfect sweetness, not too rich nor savoury. Some places use way too much sugar, which helps create a softer outer skin, but Usagiya managed to deliver a taste suited for adults.

Its on the pricey side but you have to understand that you’re paying for the quality. The store doesn’t go stingy on its ingredients and you can really tell when you take your first bite.

Delicious and fluffy ワーイ!!\(o ̄ ̄ ̄▽ ̄ ̄ ̄o)/ワーイ!! Just had to buy more!! Left the store with 5 dorayaki and ate it later at home. The dorayaki tasted good even after 2 days went by and the pancake was still soft, although the anko did harden and was more dense.

Because of its name Usagiya, I bought the Usagi manjuu (rabbit shaped steamed bun).

Although its cute as a button, stick to just buying the dorayaki. Anko (red bean paste) was dense and the bun was dry. Tasted like I was only eating a ball of anko. Sadly, I do not recommend this.

Usagi manjuu // うさぎ饅頭 165 yen

There are numerous other wagashi to try at Usagiya! Must say, you need delicate handwork to do all this d(>_< )Good!!

Taken by Matcha Japan Travel Magazine

Enjoy fresh dorayaki at its cafe on the second floor opened at 9 am. Served as a pancake style but only available for 10 minutes upon opening (09:00 – 09:10)

Gochisosama( ´З`)=3


Usagiya // うさぎ家

Tel. 03-3831-6195
Can reserve items via phone

Opening Hours

» 9:00 ~ 18:00 Monday, Tuesday ~ Sunday
Best to buy dorayaki before 4 pm, whilst in stock
<Closed>  Wednesday

1-10-10 Ueno, Taito, Tokyo 110-0005
≛ 〒110-0005東京都台東区上野1-10-10 ≛

4 mins JR Yamanote Line Okachimachi Station

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